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Новости проекта в Краснодаре
28 Apr. 2022

Аэропорт Краснодар получил положительное заключение ФАУ “Главгосэкспертиза России”

Expanding Horizons
22 Apr. 2022

CRE Moscow Awards was held in Moscow

It’s time for perspectives, not predictions
12 Apr. 2022

Spectrum attended the Warehouse Conference

Spectrum: Career and Training Opportunities
06 Apr. 2022

The Novosibirsk office architects took a training tour to an active construction site

Izhevsk Project Update
01 Apr. 2022

We obtained a positive review from the National Construction Review Board

Spectrum in Tashkent
31 Mar. 2022

Spectrum attended International Investment Forum in the capital of Uzbekistan

The New Business Environment
16 Mar. 2022

Moscow Hosts the Annual Russian Breakfast Event

Spectrum – BIM-Leader 2022
21 Feb. 2022

Spectrum Group confirmed its status of the BIM-Leader in Russia in 2022

Spectrum at the NAIS-2022
09 Feb. 2022

Spectrum is attending NAIS Civil Aviation Infrastructure Exhibition and Forum

What Is The Plan
08 Feb. 2022

Key Market Players Share Their Plans for the Next Year