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Spectrum received accreditation from Bank DOM.RF

Spectrum-Holding LLC obtained accreditation for construction audit and financial and technical control of projects implemented involving Bank DOM.RF JSC.

We are glad to be recognized as reliable and professional company and to have an opportunity to be a part of significant investment projects including housing construction projects.

DOM.RF is an integrated housing development institution focused on national initiatives that aim to improve housing quality and affordability. The Company (previously AHML) was founded in 1997. DOM.RF carries out a number of activities: investment attraction, improvement of quality and affordability of housing through federal mortgage program standards development and implementation.

Spectrum is a multidisciplinary engineering group of companies offering effective and unique engineering solutions that makes it possible to successfully implement the most complicated investment projects in the rapidly changing world. Since 1998, Spectrum Group has implemented more than 700 projects, which includes 90 consulting projects (FTS, FTA, TDD, TPA). Holding has all biggest Russian banks and financial funds accreditation for financial and technical engineering services.