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Design is the major business department in Spectrum Group. This department unites over 140 high-class professionals: architects, structural engineers, engineers, process specialists and design managers.

Spectrum Group has come a long way from designing structurally simple retail and industrial facilities where process and short terms of design are priority to major concept projects, which are complex both from an architectural and an engineering point of view, unique buildings and installations.

Spectrum Group specialists are very careful with each facility they deal with, they study possible options and always make proved building and engineering decisions guided by the goals and purposes of the client, financial aspects of the project, functional requirements, always bearing in mind that they create the foundation of the future asset’s value.

VTB Arena Park City Block
VTB Arena Park City Block 07.01.2015
Address:  34 Leningradsky Av.
Total area:  290 000 sq.m
Location:  Moscow
Spectrum Services:  Architectural design / Design / Engineering-construction design
Lenta Cash & Carry Hypermarkets
Lenta Cash & Carry Hypermarkets 15.04.2014
Address:  Saint-Petersburg, 6 Lenta host cities in different regions
Location:  Saint-Petersburg
Spectrum Services:  Design / Project management / Property management / Engineering-construction design  / Value engineering / Facility management / Technical maintenance