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Partnership is the key

“Russian PPP week” infrastructural congress is being held in Moscow these days.

Highlights and statements:

- The Ministry of Economic Development will present the low on concessions to the Government. The document will allow to start PPP projects for 1 trillion rubles for 5 years from now, said economic development deputy minister Ilya Torosov.

- First deputy minister of transport Inokentiy Alafinov, meanwhile said that private investments into infrastructural projects of new complex Russian Federation 2024 backbone infrastructure modernization and expansion plan will be 2.3 trillion rubles. It will be seaports, regional airports, new eastern direction roads, north-western railway direction, etc.

- The government is significantly revising the RF 2024 transport infrastructure development plan, said first vise minister Andrei Belousov. Financial resources – almost 4 trillion rubles – will be concentrated on nine projects.

- VEB.RF planning to start implementation of national evaluation and certification system into their credit and investment policies, said managing director Maxim Merkulov. He noted that VEB will give more attractive financing conditions to projects that will successfully undergo this expertise.

At the first day of congress Vladimir Ivanov, managing partner of Spectrum Group participated in one of the key congress sessions “Quality infrastructure: how to make balance between profitability for investor, accessibility for people and impact on environment”. He answered to moderator’s questions about digital engineering, how it helps to project development be more qualitative, and also how we can improve the population’s quality of life by designing better spaces.

At the second day, Spectrum Group’s Infrastructure and urban development sector director Maxim Lunkov participated the discussion “Railways concessions – from single projects to upscale” as a speaker. He spoke about Technical expert functions, our experience, and about the possibilities of involving Technical expert into railways concessions project realization.

The event organized by Roscongress and National center of PPP will last until October 1 inclusive.

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