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Spectrum is ready to create facilities of future

Our job is to create largescale facilities with big public spaces that is comfortable and safe. That’s why Spectrum take pandemic challenge that bring new claims to public spaces very responsibly, systematically and carefully.

To understand what ideas come to global renown engineers, how they incorporate response to pandemic experience into design and planning of facilities with crowded public spaces we reached to our partners in several project – Buro Happold. At the special online-meeting British colleagues shared with us, their recommendations on big facilities planning and MEP system measures to respond to the pandemic based on the guidance from multiple industry bodies and best practice from other sectors.

The report covered preventive measures from governments, short-term actions that has to be done immediately and long-term strategies. From an engineer point, we were especially interested in longer-term measures that we could already use designing and planning public spaces today to make facilities of future.

A number of recommendations were made about HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) to minimize the spread and transmission of the virus and to disinfect the air.  

Big importance obviously has the measures that relates to planning. It is creation of transforming spaces, separate more or less dangerous (clean/dirty zones), organization of the movement paths, and minimization of interaction.   

The circumstances stimulated disinfection technologies. We have many solutions: from special corridor or cabin for disinfection, to inbuilt UV-lamps into the track of escalator handrail for example or into elevator button panel.

The health control system installation, which helps to detect and react to the risk of mass infection, is also worth noting.

And, of course we will see the rule of non-contact control: doors opening, payments, even to push the button we will not have to touch it.

Overall, Spectrum is fully armed and already started to implement new knowledge and recommendation in current projects.

We wish you all good health and smart, comfortable, safe spaces to live and work!