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Town planning concepts and masterplans

Spectrum Group’s activity in town planning implies:

•    Analysis of town planning situation on different bases;
•    Proposals on rational operation and zoning of areas;
•    Calculations of basic cost-performance indexes, including index of area development, loads on utilities, demands in social and engineering infrastructure, transport service and other basis indexes;
•    Proposals on location of buildings and installations, infrastructural facilities, utilities;
•    Schemes of transport service and pedestrian traffic;
•    Proposals on organization of comfortable city media with required landscaping.

Kuzminki District Renovation
Kuzminki District Renovation 08.06.2018
Address:  Kuzminki District
Total area:  109 He
Location:  Moscow
Spectrum Services:  Engineering-construction design  / Town planning concepts and masterplans
Transport and railway scheme for Tolmachevo Logopark
Transport and railway scheme for Tolmachevo Logopark 10.04.2012
Address:  Tolmachevo industrial and logistics park
Total area:  700 ha
Client:  Vnesheconombank
Location:  Siberia
Spectrum Services:  Design / Town planning concepts and masterplans