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Demand for numerical modeling

Modern buildings and installations tend to be higher, more flexible, with complex structures. It is not always possible to study them and obtain substantiated economic solutions being locked in narrow confines of existing codes. Modern algorithms and technologies of deformable solid body mechanics and aero-hydromechanics, fulfilled in the software complex, form irreplaceable tools of a project to companies. To provide safety of structures it is necessary to solve inverse problems with a search of destructive impacts and weak points in the structures. Numerical modeling of wind impacts complements or forms an efficient alternative to natural tests in a wind channel.


Fig. 1. Forst form of eigen mode of                                                        Fig. 2. Example of aerodynamic calculation 

structure of designed airport terminal                                                     for designed option of building complex

Bolshoye Savino (Perm)                                                                       for Moscow Region Duma (Myakinino, Moscow).