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Facility management

Facility Management provided by Spectrum Group includes not only maintenance and fulfillment of tenants’ and landlord’s demands and also supply of the following services:

•    Cleaning of the facility and adjacent area, facades and windows cleaning, gathering, removal and recycling of waste
•    Sanitary activities at the facility
•    Organization of security service, reception desk, information stands
•     Additional services, such as courier service, tickets booking, etc.

Professional managers of Spectrum Group are capable to organize complex service to serve the facility infrastructure suitable for any demands of the owner and with respect to his interests. For maximum transparency of the service, the company uses open book approach. Owner is constantly provided with technical and financial reports, and the report on technical condition of the facility at annual basis. Internal quality control procedures provide the highest quality standards for the company’s Clients.

Lenta Hypermarket in Ryazan
Lenta Hypermarket in Ryazan 24.04.2014
Address:  Ryazan
Total area:  11 500 sq.m
Location:  Central region
Spectrum Services:  Facility management / Technical maintenance / Property management
Lenta Cash & Carry Hypermarkets
Lenta Cash & Carry Hypermarkets 15.04.2014
Address:  Saint-Petersburg, 6 Lenta host cities in different regions
Location:  Saint-Petersburg
Spectrum Services:  Design / Project management / Property management / Engineering-construction design  / Value engineering / Facility management / Technical maintenance
Office of joint stock bank «Capital»
Office of joint stock bank «Capital» 18.04.2013
Address:  Bldng 10, Corpus 1, Sevastopolsky Av.
Total area:  3 850 sq.m
Location:  Moscow
Spectrum Services:  Project management / Property management / Construction management / Project management / Technical Zakazchik / Facility management / Technical maintenance
Clothing shops Ostin
Clothing shops Ostin 11.04.2012
Address:  Moscow region: Fryazino, Pushkino, Kotelniki, MEGA Belaya Dacha Moscow: 125, Volgogradsky Av., 2, Ryazansky Av.; Corpus 2, House 12, Entuziastov Highway; 37-39, Rusakovskaya Str.; 71a, Izmaylovskoye Highway; Corpus 4, House 83, Zeleny Av.
Total area:  700 – 1 500 sq.m
Location:  Moscow
Spectrum Services:  Facility management / Technical maintenance / Property management